Terms and Conditions

All the attendees are solely responsible for their valuable personal belongings in the conference hotel. The organizers do not hold any responsibility for any missing or stolen materials of anyone for whatever reason.

Request for Invitation Letter:
Letter of invitation will only be sent through the mail to the registered participants.

Registration Transfer:
All fully paid registrations are eligible for transfer to another person of his/her own interest to attend the same conference. The request for this registration transfer must be made formally through writing to the concerned Program Manager within 30 days from the date of registration. Following the request, the Program Manager shall give his/her consent for processing the transfer and subsequent adequate actions will be taken necessarily. This option shall be utilized only when the registered participant is unable to attend the event. A refund of this transferred registration is not permissible.

VISA Guidelines:
Citing international security reasons, we strongly recommend you to apply for the VISA soon as you confirm your registration for the conference. SCIENTEX Conferences will not directly deal with any embassy or consulate pertaining to the VISA application, however, we will aid you to get through the process. Any VISA issues to any attendee resulting in the hindrance to participation cannot be counted under the cancellation policy of SCIENTEX Conferences.

Refund Policy:
Due to any unforeseen circumstance, if any registered participant is unable to attend our event physically, then he/she shall be eligible for the below-mentioned refund policy, providing they have not opted for any cancellation, postponement or registration transfer policy.

Owing to the advance payment clearance from our side towards the hotel booking, shipping charge, service cost and other such event arrangement costs involvement, we have fixed the refund slabs as below.
  • Before 50 days of the conference - Eligible for a refund of 50% of the registered fee 
  • Before 30 days of the conference - Not eligible for any refund
Note: 20% of your registration fee will be deducted as a standard service charge while no refund is applicable for the accommodation fee towards the refund process

*In the event of the conference getting converted into an online webinar or postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic, the registration fee paid will be carried forward to the upcoming event.

Accommodation Cancellation Policy:
Accommodation for the registered attendees will be provided in star private hotels where the cancellation policies are too stringent. So, once accommodation confirmation is received from the participant's side through registration, it cannot be revoked under any circumstances although modifications in the same shall be permitted to an extent. 
Postponement Policy:
The Program Manager must be intimated duly regarding any changes (modification or transfer of registration) in the participant’s attendance if at all there is any change.

If Scientex Conferences postpone any forum for some unforeseen reasons, then the registration fee paid by all the registered attendees will be reimbursed in the form of a credit amount. This credit amount shall be used to register for any other Scientex Conferences event that is to happen within two years from the announcement of postponement.

Any sort of insurance is not covered under the registration fee paid by the attendees.

All transportation facilities are solely the responsibility of the participants.

Prior permission for allowing media inside the conference venue must be sought from the organizers as it is restricted generally. Being a non-profit organization, we do not encourage the commercialization of the event.